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Site of the general council of the Lot and Garonne.
Visit of the Batch and the Garonne in postcards.
Site of the town of Nérac. gastronomy, local life.....
Guide of the inheritance of the wind and water mills.
All tourist information on Nérac.
Associations on the literature and the culture.
Agriculture in gascogne: the site of the valley of Albret..... .
The baïse river with Nérac, its strengthened boroughs......
Departmental committee, pedestrian excursion in 47.
Henry de Navarre, the Margot queen and Albrets......
Club of Rugby of Agen current events classification result...
Museum of cork and the stopper with Mézin in Lot and Garonne
Guide and directories of associations in Lot and Garonne
Departmental contest of the cities and flowered villages.
Prefecture of the Lot and Garonne
Regional committee of tourism in Aquitaine
Another site of the General Council
Another site on the town of Nérac
The club of the VTT, ballade and excursions in Albret