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Located in the western south of France the Aquitaine area lodges our workshops of wood with Nérac, this small village of the department of the Lot and Garonne (47) with semi way of Bordeaux wine and Toulouse.
In a meander of Baïse, tributary of left bank of the Garonne, the small town of Nérac has a history which goes back to the time of the Roman occupation. In the Middle Ages, the city was the stronghold of Albret which gave to France the king Henri IV.
In 1152 Eléonore of Aquitaine, girl of Guillaume X Maria with Henri Plantagenet, who became later the king of England under the name of Henri II, it was the cause of the occupations of our regions by the English .(Guerre one hundred year old), before returning definitively in the full sovereignty of king de France into 1453.

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