NERAC: The name of Nérac would come, according to the ones, from ner and aig or ach, words Celtic meaning, the first division and the second river. According to The others, this name derives from Ner_aq, close to water, or of Nereidum aquoe, water of Néréides. In a homage paid to king d' England about year 1286, the lord d' Albret gives the name to this baronnie of Neyriacum. One reads Neyrac in a declaration of Amanieu d' Albret, of October 1 1316. Enfin another document names this Néraq city.Actually, it is only about year 1011, that one finds the name of Nérac, in a donation, in favour of the abbey of Condom.

Henri de Bourbon king de Navarre was captive at the court of France since the massacre of the Barthélemy Saint. To the escape from this prince in February 1576, Nérac returned under its immediate protection. The death of Henri III, assassinated by the monk Jacques Clement, August 1 1589, having called king de Navarre with the throne of France, under the name of HENRI IV, this last Prince did not reappear any more in Nérac, which it had left on March 11 1588, not to return more there.